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Simple Weekend Projects For Your Corvette

Tom Benford Jan 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Trunk Screw Replacement
Applicable Years: C4/C5
Difficulty Level: 1
Tools: No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, 1/8x1/2-inch stainless beveled-head screws, 1/2-inch od stainless beveled-finish washers
Time: 30 minutes
Parts source: Local hardware, fastener supply, or home improvement center

If you've owned a C4 or C5 that has sat outside in the weather for any length of time, you've probably noticed the black anodized screws around the lip of the trunk may be showing a bit of rust, especially if your car gets rained on and/or you live in a naturally moist area of the country. The solution is to upgrade the stock black screws with shiny stainless screws, and to add beveled stainless steel finish washers while you're at it. All that's required is to remove the factory screws and replace them, one at a time, with stainless screws and finish washers. It looks great, and you won't have any rusty-screw problems ever again.

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This trunk apron is a breeze to install and takes only minutes. Since Velcro is used to fasten it, no tools are required, and it rolls up compactly when not in use.

Trunk Apron Installation
Applicable Years: C5
Difficulty Level: 1
Tools: None
Time: 30 minutes
Parts source: Mid America Motorworks

Anytime you access something in the trunk of a C5, there's a real possibility you're going to scratch the rear of the car, either with your belt buckle, jacket zipper, or whatever you're putting into or taking out of the trunk. But this does not have to be the case if you install a trunk apron.

Made of a black Naugahyde-like material with soft padding on the inside, the trunk apron rolls up and stows neatly out of the way inside the trunk with Velcro straps. Installing it couldn't be easier since Velcro is what keeps the apron attached to the C5. You simply unfold and drape the apron over the trunk, remove the large trunk compartment cover, peel the adhesive backing off the two supplied Velcro strips, attach them to the inside of the compartment, then stick the mating Velcro strips on the apron to those you just installed inside the compartment. Replace the compartment cover and you are 75 percent done.

Next, attach the two square Velcro pieces to the upper vertical wall of the trunk to attach the upper section of the apron, and you're done. To stow the apron, you simply fold in the sides and roll it up; the Velcro straps sewn into the apron keep it neatly rolled and out of your way in the trunk when you're not using it. Nice, inexpensive, easy-to-install protection for the trunk of your C5.




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