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Simple Weekend Projects For Your Corvette

Tom Benford Jan 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The '67 big-block Stinger from Paragon Reproductions comes complete with the speed nuts, screws, and retainer clips-everything you'll need for the replacement.

Big-Block Hood Stinger Grill Replacement
Applicable Years: C2 (1967)
Difficulty Level: 2
Tools: No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, 5/16-inch socket, ratchet
Time: 30 minutes
Parts source: Paragon Reproductions

What can I say? After 40 years, that bad-boy stinger on the hood of my big-block '67 Corvette was showing its age with pockmark pitting of the pot metal and flaked, peeling black accent paint. All in all, the old warhorse wasn't looking all that bad, however, so I decided that a little sprucing up here and there was all it really needed. I had already put on new "427" numbers, fitted a new fuel-filler door, and replaced the rear script in earlier projects, so replacing the original stinger with an exact reproduction from Paragon was the next logical step.

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Here's a single-wheel setup from Corvette America. The cone is at the left, the wheel adapter at the upper center, the spinner at the right, the center cap below it, the mounting bolts, lock washers, and the antitheft pin above them. Multiply this stuff by four, and you have the whole setup. It's important to note the adapters are threaded for left and right sides-the threading goes counter-directionally to the wheel's rotation to help keep the spinners from coming loose.

Direct Bolt-On Knock-Off Spinner Installation
Applicable Years: C2
Difficulty Level: 2
Tools: 1/2-inch socket, ratchet, flat-blade screwdriver, block of 2x4, hammer, antiseize compound
Time: 1 hour (all 4 wheels)
Parts source: Corvette America

My '67 coupe has the optional "turbine" wheels on it with the "starburst" centers. While these are certainly a bit more stylish than the standard steel rally wheels, I always wanted the classy look of the knock-off wheels of my '63 SWC. However, the original Kelsey-Hayes knock-offs can be downright dangerous since they have a nasty habit of working their way loose from road bumps and vibration if you don't keep them tightened on a regular basis (which is why the DOT outlawed them-1966 was the last year you could order them on your Corvette). So the solution, therefore, was to order DBO-KO (direct bolt-on knock-off) centers from Corvette America. The company sells complete sets of DBO-KO wheels with all the requisite hardware as well, so you can mount these puppies on any year C2 (or even a C3, if you're so inclined). But since I already had the wheels, all I needed was the adapters, cones, spinners, center caps, and mounting bolts/washers. It took only about 15 minutes per wheel to go from starburst center to knock-off spinners and achieve that real "competition sports car" look in the process.

So that pretty much wraps it up for our Weekend Projects issue this year. If you're like me, you'll always find something that needs to be done to your Corvette, but that's what makes owning them so much fun. Now go out to the garage and spend some quality time with your car!




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