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Simple Weekend Projects For Your Corvette

Tom Benford Jan 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Aluminum Dead Pedal Installation
Applicable Years: C5
Difficulty Level: 2
Tools: electric or cordless drill, 1/8-inch drill bit, 2mm Allen wrench, Vice-Grip clamp or Vice-Grip pliers or C-clamp, 10mm socket and ratchet or 10mm nut-driver
Time: 1 hour
Parts source: Mid America Motorworks

The aluminum brake pedal in my C5 looks cool, so I wanted to install a matching dead pedal (also known as a left footrest) and an aluminum accelerator pedal, so I gave Mid America Motorworks a shout to get the goodies. Installation isn't hard, but you'll be kneeling a lot to do this project, so a soft mat or knee protectors are items you'll be glad to have and use.

Aluminum Accelerator Pedal Installation
Applicable Years: C5
Difficulty Level: 1
Tools: flat-blade screwdriver, cable tie (optional)
Time: 30 minutes
Parts source: Mid America Motorworks

To match the aluminum brake pedal and the aluminum dead pedal I just installed in the previous project, an aluminum accelerator pedal was certainly in order. This is another project you'll be kneeling for, so knee protectors or a cushion/mat of some sort will make working a bit more comfortable. Also, I should tell you that this is one of those "blind" projects-you won't be able to see in back of the accelerator pedal, so you'll be working strictly by feel, but it's not really all that difficult in the final analysis.




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