How To Install A Flaming River Steering Column - Steer Us Straight

A Flaming River Steering Column For Your '63-'68

Chris Petris Dec 27, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Parts List
Flaming River steering columnPN FR2001VTA

Shorty dress-up kit tilt & turn-signal leverPN FR20112CU

Meg-A-Force three-spoke steering wheelPN FR20126RE

31/44-36-spline Double-D vibration resistorPN FR1887

17 mm to 31/44 DD steering rack coupling to shaft PN FR1759DD

31/44 DD to 31/44 DD center U-jointPN FR1716DD

S/S steering shaft, mill-finish,18-inches longPN FR1850SS

S/S steering-shaft support bearingPN FR1811


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