How to Install New Shaft-Mounted Rocker Arms - Rocker On

New Shaft-Mounted Rocker Arms For The LS1/LS2/LS6

Dave Emanuel Jan 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)

A variety of other procedures exist, and you may find one of these more to your liking. The means by which you work through the cylinders is strictly a matter of personal preference, and so is the amount of lifter preload. Personal preferences aside, for most engines, one-half to one additional turn after all clearance is eliminated is ideal.

With the Curtisbilt rockers, you should begin adjustment by ensuring that the pedestal is firmly positioned against the cylinder head surface and measurable clearance exists between the rocker and pushrod on one end and between the rocker and valve stem on the other. Then begin rotating the adjuster while chasing it with the lock bolt. After the lock bolt is snug, back it off a bit and rotate the adjuster again. Continue the process until all clearance is eliminated, then proceed to set preload or lash.

We installed 1.75:1 ratio rockers on the engine shown in the accompanying photos because we plan to install a performance camshaft (with about .600-inch lift) in the near future, and a 1.85:1 ratio would be a bit much. However, the higher ratio rockers represent a relatively easy means of increasing performance without taking the skinned-knuckle adventure known as a cam swap. With either type of rocker, the Curtisbilt shaft arrangement provides a significant increase in valvetrain rigidity and precision, and that's something any LSx engine can use.


Curtisbilt Corporation
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