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A Hurricane-Proof Retirement Garage That Will Blow You Away

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Wall-mounted central vacuum unit.

Air Conditioning
1 Lennox 3-ton unit
1 Lennox 4-ton unit
Both have two-stage compressors with variable speed air handlers. Programmable thermostats with built-in humidity controls. Both are controlled separately. Both units have 9kw programmable heaters. The office and bath have a 1-ton Lennox unit that is controlled separately. The garage also has an air changer and carbon-monoxide alert system. With this system, you can start your car and continue to work on it with no fear of carbon-monoxide poisoning. When the carbon-monoxide level reaches a certain point, the air changer kicks on and starts sucking out the old air and pumping new air in and shuts off when the air is clear. Or you can turn the system on manually before hand and not set off the alarm. The air changers are manufactured by Greenbeck. Toxalert manufactures the carbon-monoxide alert system. It can be controlled manually by four switches in the office or automatically by the Toxalert system.
How the system works: There are four separate units located in the attic. All have 1hp motors. Units 1 and 2 are ducted (12") to four large grills in the outside roof soffit. These vents are electrically open and shut when the units come on to keep bugs and so on from entering. Air is sucked from the outside back to units 1 and 2 and then blown back to four equally spaced grills in the ceiling along the south wall. This air blows straight down the wall with a lot of force and spreads across the garage floor. Units 3 and 4, located on the north side of the garage, suck the air though two large grills close to the floor back to units 2 and 4, and then it is blown out through 12" ducts to four exhaust grills in the outside roof soffit. These units can move more than 2,900 CFM of air per minute.

Craftsman 6.5hp 220V with 33-gallon tank located in the tool room that feeds 75' retracting wall-mounted hose reel in work area.

Tool Room
Fully enclosed 15'x18' 6" tool room (off of work area) with two louvered 36" French-type doors. Tool room houses two air-conditioner units, air compressor, tool carts, floor jacks, jackstands, parts, 21' of steel shelving 8' high, alarm system, and wall-mounted central vacuum unit. Almost everything stays in tool room out of sight with the exception of a 56"x60" double Craftsman tool chest on casters that stays in the work area.

Wall Storage
One set of 8' wall cabinets in work area over base cabinets

Work Area
Work area is approximately 25'x45' containing the car lift, L-shaped workbench that is 19' long, a set of 12' base cabinets at the end of the work bench, and a 75' wall-mounted air hose reel. A stand-up refrigerator, wall-mounted TV, wash-up sink, and an 8' set of base and wall cabinets that house all the stereo equipment, direct TV receiver, and miscellaneous storage. Top cabinets are for coffee, glasses, cups, and so on.

1956 restored Coke machine
1962 restored Sunoco gas pump
1938 restored Texaco gas pump
1959 8' wall-mounted mobile flying Pegasus neon horse
42"x48" wall-mounted neon Chevrolet Super Service sign
1958 4'x6' wall-mounted neon OK used car with blinking OK sign
1983 Heartbeat of America wall-mounted neon sign
8' pool table
100 CD Wurlitzer jukebox
42" plasma TV on wall-mounted swivel
Bloomington/NCRS awards and ribbons on walls and Corvette pictures
Entry lobby has trophies and pictures of late-model stock car racing days

Office is 14'x16' fully enclosed off the work area with a 5'9"x16' bathroom. Bathroom has a 7' vanity, granite top, toilet area, enclosed shower, and a closet that houses the 1-ton A/C unit for the office and a hot-water heater. Office has a desk, filing cabinets, three sofa-type chairs, wall-mounted TV, phone, and fax. Two 4'x6' windows look out on the pond and woods. Phone system has built-in intercom system from house to garage.




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