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How to Install a B&M Sport Shifter - Shifting Into High Gear - Tech

Installing A B&M Sport Shifter Into Your C5/C6

Chris Petris Jan 10, 2007

If you've had your C5 or C6 six-speed Corvette for a while, you may be tired of the loose, long-throw feel the OE shifter delivers. The shifter on the C5/C6 is remote mounted to the torque tube with the linkage connected to the transmission with one linkage rod. The torque tube connects the engine bellhousing to the rear-mounted transmission and houses the driveshaft down the center of the tunnel. This allows the shifter to be rigidly mounted to the driveline so the only variable is the shifter. OE shifters are long throw and are setup loose for the masses due to varying tolerances. This makes some shifters feel even looser than others. There is a solution though.

Corp_0701_01_z B&m_shifter Shifter 2/14

B&M Racing and Performance has a direct bolt-in Sport Shifter to tighten things up and speed up those shifts. The shift effort is increased slightly, but the benefits are obvious from a 33-percent reduction in shift throw. You can feel confident the shifts will be precise and quick with the spherical pivot bearings that B&M uses. They have also fully isolated the shifter handle to keep the shifter quiet and comfortable for daily use. If you plan on taking your C5/C6 for the occasional dragstrip romp, the Sport Shifter will allow you to make confident quick shifts. If road courses are your forte, this B&M shifter will allow you to repeatedly find the gear you need. B&M is confident you will like the feel of their shifter, and they back it up with a million-mile warranty.

Replacing the shifter is simple once the console pieces are out of the way. It's one of those "you can't get there from here" things. The console compartment and then the center dash fascia have to be removed before the console plate can be removed to access the shifter body. You can replace the shifter in a couple of hours with minimal tools and very little aggravation if you follow our step-by-step install.

Part List C5 & C6 Sport Shifter (PN. 45044)



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