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Vette Brakes and Products - Manufacturer's Spotlight

We put VBP under the Corvette Fever microscope.

Alan Colvin Nov 13, 2008
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Looking at the outside of the building, you would never guess how much manufacturing capability Vette Brakes has.

We Put VBP Under The Corvette Fever MicroscopeIt is very interesting how some companies grow and flourish while similar companies fail after the first couple of years or so. It seems the drive and determination of Vette Brakes and Products (VBP) has proven a secure method of growth for almost 30 years now. I would say pride and performance are the two words that are the core business principles at VBP. VBP takes great pride in their product line, and performance enhancement is always at the forefront of any product they manufacture. Their various brake and suspension systems offer a wide variety of ways to enhance your Corvette's performance.

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The entrance features lots of colorful sales displays.

VBP began operations in St. Petersburg, Florida, in April 1977. In the '70s, the unveiling of VBP's patented stainless steel brake systems for the C3 Corvette helped provide the company with impressive growth. Now, VBP carries parts for the C1 all the way up through the C5 Corvette. Later on, their technology was expanded to include their patented o-ring seals and pistons. In the '80s, VBP introduced their composite spring technology for the Corvette, Camaro, and Firebird. The composite springs became an instant success and continue to be among their best selling products. During the '90s, many new components were introduced to expand the product line, including specialized applications for law enforcement, freight carriers, and other commercial, industrial, and military uses. Each passing decade has seen the company produce leading edge automotive and industrial components that improve upon the original manufacturer's products.

Today, the company has grown into one of the largest aftermarket brake, suspension, and steering companies in the industry. VBP specializes in enhancing the performance of GM products for the Corvette. VBP's unique product line was originally created to increase the passion for your Corvette, while helping you to fine-tune the effort needed to be able to really drive the car more confidently. The performance range of their brake and suspension systems can enhance any driving level-from street, to advanced street, to off-road competition cars. All their systems are engineered to bolt on your Corvette without any alterations. Their products have become one of the most cost effective ways to revitalize the love for your Vette. Confidence in their products is proven every day as they are subjected to extreme demands by some of the best Corvette racing teams and enthusiasts around the world. Reliability is second to none.

VBP has also earned a great reputation over the years by providing excellent customer service. In any situation, excellent customer service and technical support teams are what you can expect at VBP. they have enjoyed sharing their enthusiasm and keen knowledge of performance enhancement products for over 29 years. As they say, "We take pride in caring for our customers and making sure they are 100-percent satisfied with the performance of our products."

VBP is constantly exploring new markets that can utilize their impressive selection of products. These new arenas include a broadened scope of foreign and domestic performance car applications, as well as new specialized products for many industrial, commercial, and military uses. The company has introduced many innovative performance and safety related components for their customers and for many industries.

Today, VBP obtains valuable research and development data from sources such as E-Systems/NASA, law enforcement agencies, and several of today's top showroom stock Corvette race teams. These teams utilize springs, steering, bushings, suspension, and chassis components that have been developed by VBP. They routinely set the fastest times and bring home the checkered flag for the Corvette. The results of this real time racing development quickly find their way into VBP's extensive line of automotive products. New products in the design stages include springs and bushings for the new C6 generation, tubular control arms for C-3s, coilover shock systems, adjustable shock offerings, and the list continues


Vette Brakes & Products
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