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A Retirement Garage With Serious Functionality

Fred Gallasch Aug 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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If you are going to work on your cars, you need tools and places to store them. John solved this with numerous storage cabinets. There are large work benches with storage and, most notable, smaller roll-away chests housing the most frequently used tools that can be moved close to the car. He has one for tune-ups, another for basic tools, and so on. These roll-aways are just the right height to be easily reached when working on the car.

Finally, since John is an active NCRS member, judge, and writer, he has an enclosed 256 square-foot office within his garage. This office houses his computer and communications equipment, and also includes a refrigerator and sink. There is also cable TV in this office, as well as above his work bench so he doesn't miss a race or auction.

So what are some key suggestions from a review of John's garage? I am partial to the high opening doors, centrally located lift with room on all sides, and his industrial spigot with a hose reel. Viewing this garage from any angle, most will agree that it is a winner.

Do you know of a killer garage you would like to see featured here in Corvette Fever? you can nominate that garage by sending an e-mail to The only requirement is that the owner has to own at least one Corvette.




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