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A Retirement Garage With Serious Functionality

Fred Gallasch Aug 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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Bio of John Hinckley
John Hinckley is well known in the enthusiast world. He spent his working years at GM and Chrysler in manufacturing engineering in the plants and in process development. After nineteen years at GM, he was recruited by Chrysler to work on processes to build large and small car platforms. His final five years at the company were spent as plant manager of the Viper/Prowler assembly plant in Detroit

John is current Chairman of the NCRS Michigan Chapter, veteran Bloomington Gold Corvette Restoration workshop instructor, a core member of the Camaro Research Group, and a member of the Solid Axle Corvette Club and the Eastern Michigan Camaro Club. He has written numerous SAE publications and articles published in the NCRS Corvette Restorer magazine. He continues to write articles for various magazines.

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By The Numbers Garage Specs
Size: 44x58x12 attached garage; 2,552 square feet, less 256 square feet for 16x16 corner office, net garage floor space is 2,296 square feet.

Construction: 2x6 framing for maximum insulation (R-26 walls, R-58 ceiling), custom-built 62 foot-long 12/12-pitch trusses for 58 foot inside clear span (no columns or walls). Fully-finished walls and ceiling painted off-white, five 6x6 Andersen casement windows for plenty of daytime natural light.

Doors: Openings framed with laminated headers for custom-built oversize 18x8 Taylor sectional insulated overhead doors, 1 1/4-inch-thick steel/foam/steel sandwich construction with tubular seals between sections and vinyl perimeter seals for maximum insulation. Windows in top section of each door for additional natural light. Door in lift bay installed as a "high-lift" with horizontal tracks only 9 inches from the ceiling so the door can be opened fully with a car at maximum working height on the lift. The 8-foot-high opening allows rolling the lift outside on its caster kit when needed. Lift-Master electric door openers.

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Project cart.

Floor: 10-mil poly moisture barrier on tamped soil, covered with 1/2-inch-thick 4x8 sheets of high-density closed-cell foam with heavy foil on both sides for insulation and a secondary moisture barrier. Steel mesh on wire stands over that, with a 4-inch-thick concrete slab that provides a fully-insulated, dry, and moisture migration-proof floor. The step area at the front of the garage was poured 60-inches wide instead of the usual 30 inches to provide plenty of space for the main workbenches and stools.

Floor Coating: HomePro Floors steel shot-blasted the floor to clean it and open up the pores in the "skin" to provide the "tooth" for bonding epoxy resin. Two coats, 24 hours apart, of two-part industrial epoxy resin, with the second coat tinted light gray and lightly-sprinkled with fine silica sand for anti-slip when wet. Classic Floor System is absolutely indestructible, hot tires won't mark it or lift it, impervious to all automotive chemicals including brake fluid, very easy to keep clean. The light color and reflectivity just about doubles lighting effectiveness.

Lighting: Seven 8-foot twin-tube fluorescent ceiling-mounted fixtures, bank-switched in groups so only the ones needed in a given area need to be on.

Lift: Cytech DoublePark four-post 7,000-pound capacity lift with 110V offset power unit, caster kit, drip trays, jack bridge, aluminum ramps, and drive-thru capability.


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