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A Retirement Garage With Serious Functionality

Fred Gallasch Aug 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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Electrical: Separate 100-amp service and breaker box, including 220V for compressor and welder, ten 120V circuits for lighting and outlets. Wall outlets everywhere, extras in the ceiling in the work area for cord reels and drop lights to keep cords off the floor. Phone and cable in main workbench area, with wall-mounted TV/VCR.

Standby Power: 18,000-watt Generac fully-automatic natural gas-powered standby generator system (shared with the house)

Heating: Reznor 125,000-BTU power-vented forced-air gas ceiling-mounted unit heater with electronic ignition (no pilot flame); could have gone much smaller due to the effectiveness of the total garage insulation system.

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Having your tools organized like this can save tons of time during a restoration.

Air Conditioning: Mitsubishi 42,000-BTU, high-wall-mounted ductless split system, only requires one 3-inch hole in the wall for refrigerant and condensate drain lines from the inside evaporator/air-handler unit to the outdoor compressor/condensing unit. All functions operated by a hand-held remote.

Water: Hot/cold water with industrial spigot and 50-foot wall-mounted retracting hose reel in work area, also in wash-up sink in the office.

Floor Drain: None, prohibited by local codes; floor slab is pitched toward the doors.

Compressor: DeVilbiss 6.5hp 220V belt-driven oiled compressor, vertical 60-gallon tank, 10.5 SCFM at 90 psi; mounted on rubber body mount cushions for reduced noise/vibration. FRL unit feeds a wall-mounted 50-foot retracting hose reel.

Tool Storage: Craftsman ball-bearing rollaways, main bench area is ball-bearing service carts with casters removed, spanned by a custom-built Formica top. Additional Craftsman and wire-rack storage cabinets and shelves.

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Wall Storage: White 3/16-inch pegboard on 1x2-inch framing.

Decoration: Restored Sunoco 260 gas pump, Eco TireFlator station, drive-in speakers, framed photos and Corvette/Viper/Ferrari automobilia on the walls

Office: 16x16 fully-enclosed office in the front corner of the garage, with casement windows overlooking the garage area and outdoors. Bank-switched recessed lighting, ceiling fan, built-in computer desk area, custom cabinets and Formica countertops, 16-foot workbench with Masonite top, wash-up sink, under-counter refrigerator, phone and TV/Ethernet cable, wall-mounted TV/VCR, mirrored curio cabinets for die-cast collection.


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