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An Easy Hood-Off Conversion For Project Shark Attack C3

Chris Petris Sep 24, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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The instructions recommend replacing one hinge at a time. We removed the driver-side hinge assembly since it maintains the side-to-side hood alignment and should be installed first.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could remove the hood of your Corvette without adjusting the position each time? American Freedom Products now offers a set of hood hinges that allow hood removal with the pull of a lever. The hinges bolt in the stock location, and once adjusted properly, never need adjusting for hood removal or replacement.

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Having the hood out of the way can make any underhood chore easier. Clean debris and grime from the radiator and A/C condenser; remove a headlight vacuum actuator, a procedure which can easily scratch the hood.

The hinges are stamped of heavier gauge steel to prevent flexing, and they're made with stainless pivot pins to allow repeatable precise hood fit. They have precision components so the fit should remain correct barring any front-end accident.

The new hinges are available in black zinc coat at $179.95, or chrome for $294.95. Although more expensive than a set of used swap-meet hinges, installation and adjustments are easy.

For Project Shark Attack, we chose black zinc hinges to match our dark gray metallic underhood.


American Freedom Products
Candia, NH




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