C4 Corvette Headlinder Replacement - Head Above The Rest

Custom headliner treatment for C4 Corvettes

Cam Benty May 17, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Headliners are an often forgotten part of your car . . . until they decide to fall apart and rest on your head. It's not a pretty sight. But the same high temperatures your interior experiences on those hot days affect your headliner as much as the rest of your interior. After time, that cardboard-based headliner will give up and drape nicely on your forehead.

Our '86 Corvette headliner had fallen into bad condition. The cardboard had become so tired it often dropped scraps of paper as we drove. The fix came from the folks at Zip Products who have a complete fix-it kit that does a great job renewing the headliner surface. The kit comes with adhesive and headliner materials. The instructions are thorough and clear. For those looking for an exact OE-style headliner replacement, kit HT-355 is the ticket.

However, we don't always want to do the exact OE replacement thing with our Corvettes. Inspiration came from the folks at John's Customz & Performance, who suggested we incorporate a design in the headliner material using the Zip Products headliner as the base. With the help of the artisans at Afterdark Signworkz we have created a headliner with character.

Follow along as we demonstrate not only the proper replacement of a headliner, but how to design and execute a novel headliner at home.


Zip Products
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
John's Customz & Performance
Torrance, CA
Afterdark Signworkz
Torrance, CA




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