Beehive vs. Cylindrical Valvespring Comparison

Beehive vs Cylindrical valvespring comparison test delivers more power for your big-block

Cam Benty Sep 21, 2005 0 Comment(s)

Weight A Minute

Corp_0509_spring_04_z 2/14

The beehive retainer, in steel, weighed 15 grams.

The test began by installing the 924-1 cylindrical valvesprings on theengine and chucking it into the Spintron. We used both steel (test No.1) and titanium (test No. 2) valve retainers, along with 3/8-inch steelvalves and steel valve locks. We ran the engine up to 7,000 rpm andwatched what happened.

For tests No. 3 and No. 4, we installed the 26120 Comp beehivevalvesprings. Again, we used steel and titanium valve retainers. Whilethe look was considerably different, there was no difference in sound orany required part changes. The same valve locks were used as well.Obviously, the biggest change was the weight. The retainers weresignificantly lighter with the beehive units--dead weight, according tothe Comp engineers. "It's like installing titanium valves in yourengine," said Douglas. "Guys spend a lot of money on lightweight valveswhen they can get the same effect and the better performance of thebeehive spring for a lot less money. These springs are not expensivecomparatively to standard cylindrical springs. It's almost like freepower."

What This Means

Our tests, as the charts clearly show, demonstrate that the beehivesprings, with less weight, are quicker revving and more stable than thetraditional cylindrical springs. Corvette owners who change springs withthe engine in the car can achieve the benefits of this lightervalvetrain mass. If your engine is older, a valvespring change can be aquick lift to the engine's performance. If you're ready for a camshaftchange, installing these springs allows you to select ahotter-performing camshaft due to the increased abilities of thevalvesprings to keep the valvetrain in line. If you're building anengine, these springs are a simple upgrade that any big-block enginebuilder should consider.




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