C4 Emblem Install

New emblems are easy to install

Cam Benty Jun 29, 2005 0 Comment(s)
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Old versus new--which one looks better?

It's the jewelry on your car. Certainly, replacing the old emblems onyour Corvette can make a big difference in how it looks. Moreimportantly, old and worn emblems and badges make your Corvette look alot older and mistreated.

With '84-'96 Corvettes, the emblems on thehood and gas door lid don't age gracefully. In fact, if they haven'talready cracked and fallen apart, they often have little color left,which is a disgraceful condition any Corvette owner dreads. But the goodnews is they can be replaced with basic handtools such as a few assortednut drivers and small "ignition-style" wrenches.

The key to removingthese emblems isn't always reaching the nuts that hold them on, butprying them up without cutting into the surface of the fiberglass. Mostemblems have old adhesive tape on the back that holds them snuggly tothe car's surface. Carefully pry them up after you're sure you removedall of the holding nuts. Clean the surface underneath, reinstall theemblems, and tighten the nuts once again.

Looking for a quick weekendproject that gives great personal satisfaction? This is it.


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Are your Vette's badges and emblems looking ragged these days? Then click here for the simple how-to on replacing your Vette's ...
Cam Benty Jun 29, 2005


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