1964 Chevrolet Corvette - By The Numbers

Gaby Bouchard's '64 Chevy Corvette

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General Information
Year: 1964
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Model No.: 0837
Engine: 327ci
Horsepower: 300
Transmission: Two-Speed Powerglide
Engine Code Suffix: SD

Casting No.: 3782870
Main: Two-bolt

Cylinder Head
Casting No.: 3782461
Intake/Exhaust Valve Size: 1.94/1.50
Combustion Chamber: 62.076 cc

Intake Manifold
Casting No.: 3799349
Carb Type: 4bbl Carter AFB

Two Carter AFB carburetors were used on the 300hp/Powerglide automatic Corvettes in 1964.
Type: 3460 S, used through September 1963
Chevrolet PN: 3826006
Air Horn Casting No.: 6-1518
Main Body Casting No.: 0-1552
Type: 3720 S, SA* (used after depletion of 3460 stock.SA was used from 11/63 through 11/64)
Chevrolet PN: 3851762
Air Horn Casting No.: 6-1518
Main Body Casting No.: 0-1552

Exhaust Manifolds
Casting (Lefthand) No.: 3846559
Casting (Righthand) No.: 3750556

Stamping No.: 1111024
Engine/HP/Application: 327/300hp
Housing: Cast-iron external adjustment
Point: Single
Notes: No standpipe oiler, tach drive, vacuum

1100668, 37 Amp, Base unit
1100665, 55 Amp, Optional-A/C
1100669, 42 Amp, Optional-all breakerless ignition
1100684, 60 Amp, Optional-all except 365hp with breakerless ignition

Two-Speed Powerglide (aluminum)
Main Case: Aluminum
Extension Housing: Aluminum
Type: Automatic hydraulic torque converter with planetary gear system for Reverse and Low.


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