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Covercraft Fabric Guide Chart
Use the chart below to help select the custom pattern fabric that is best suited for the protection needs of the vehicle. Consider where the cover will be used and how often. Remember that by using a cover you are protecting both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Definitions Of "Performance" List
Rain-How well does the fabric resist rain? The best fabrics will shed water, but in extended rain storms even the best fabrics will absorb varying amounts of moisture.

Snow - How well does the fabric resist snow? Snow on the surface of a cover will eventually melt. On the best covers, minimal amounts of moisture will seep through the cover.

Acid Rain - Will the cover hold out the contaminants suspended in acid rain?

Dirt/Dust - Will the cover prevent dirt and dust that settle on a cover from sifting through over time?

UV (Sun) Damage - How good is the fabric at blocking UV rays from the vehicle's surface and interior? The best fabrics provide 100 percent UV protection.

Bird Droppings - The best fabrics will not allow bird droppings to permeate the material and get on the exterior of the vehicle.

Tree Sap - Tree sap is difficult to remove from exterior surfaces. The best fabrics will prevent most types of tree sap from reaching the paint finish.

Breathability - How easily can moisture, condensation, and heat escape from under the cover?

Heat Insulation - Is the fabric thick enough to offer any insulating properties to reduce the vehicle temperature on hot days?

Soft Touch - How soft to the touch is the fabric? The best fabrics provide a soft, silky finish against the paint surface.

Ding Protection - Based on the thickness of the fabric, will it provide some ding protection for the vehicle while parked?

Ease Of Handling In The Wind - How easy is the cover to install and remove in windy conditions? Generally, fabrics with higher weight per square yard are easier to handle.

Storage Space Required - How much truck space is required for a stored, folded cover?

Mildew/Rot Resistance - All Covercraft fabrics are treated with inhibitors to minimize mold and mildew.


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