C4 Chevrolet Corvettes - Generation-Four Spotter's Guide

Things You Can And Can't See In '84-'96 Corvettes

Andy Bolig Jan 5, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Mandatory Reading For C4s
The C4 Corvette Sourcebook, by John Loughmiller
The Heart Of The Beast, by Anthony Young
How To Understand, Service and Modify Corvette Fuel Injection & Electric Engine Management, by Charles O. Probst
Corvette From The Inside, by Dave McLellan

The Ins And Outs Of C4 Ownership
In: ZR-1's specially coated windshield with opening for "Electronic Devices" such as a radar detector

Out: This "special film" delaminated badly, hindering the driver's vision.

In: The desire to put performance back into Corvette returns with the C4.

Out: Until '92, Corvette still had to breathe through a single exhaust.

In: Return to convertibles in '86.

Out: Needing braces to eliminate shake once the top was removed.

In: Corvette came into the computer age with faster processors and more capability during the fourth generation.

Out: Hiding that computer under the dash on '89 and earlier cars.

In: LT5s, LT1s, and LT4s.

Out: The exotic nature (cost to repair) of LT5s and hiding the Opti-spark distributors under the water pumps in LT1s and LT4s.

In: ABS and ASR

Out: People who feel they are "good enough drivers" to never need ABS or ASR.

In: Removable Tops

Out: Needing to carry a ratchet and Torx bit to remove the roof.


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