Tri-Five Chevy's 2010 Chevy Classics Suspension Buyers Guide - The 2010 Chevy Classics Suspension Buyer's Guide

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The '55-57 Chevys are among the most recognizable vehicles anyone has ever built. The cars came in three series: the base model 150, mid-level 210, and the top-of-the-line Bel Air. You could also get a wagon in the lower trim level or a Nomad in the higher trim level. One thing all these cars had in common was the suspension setup. Control arms and coil springs took care of the front, while a solid axle hung on leaf springs was fitted out back. This suspension set up carried on in the Chevrolet stable for years and has proved to be a great way to soak up bumps.

What is nice about having a suspension system carry on for so long is that the aftermarket has plenty of time to come up with improvements. Add those improvements to a body style aptly named the "Hot One" and you have the potential to build a killer shoebox. Since there are so many options when it comes to suspension for these cars we decided to compile this guide of the top players in the suspension market. There is everything from bolt-on sway bars, all the way up to fully finished chassis, all designed to make the car handle better. The information in this guide has been edited for space, so once you are done checking it all out, make sure to contact the companies for the full details.

Art Morrison Enterprises
Art Morrison Enterprises is offering the company's well-proven GT Sport Chassis for the '55-57 Chevrolet. The mandrel-bent, 2x4 chassis is fully jig welded and features all the appropriate body mounts, bumper mounts, core support, engine and transmission mounts. This bolt-on chassis dramatically improves the ride quality and handling performance of your classic Chevrolet. Designed as a 100 percent bolt-on item, the GT Sport Chassis can be installed at home by most confident do-it-yourself builders. Numerous options and upgrades are available to suit the style of your project. The chassis is available for all body styles of '55, '56, and '57 Chevy passenger cars.

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Art Morrison Enterprises

Classic Performance Products
Classic Performance Products' Totally Tubular Control Arm set is designed to add 5 degrees of caster while providing full wheel travel and minimal friction possible. They are made from 1 1/4x0.120 wall D.O.M. tubing and the pivot barrels are thick 1 1/2x0.188 wall D.O.M. tubing to eliminate distortion from welding and hard use. The bushings are made from self-lubricating non-squeak patented plastic that works at temperatures in excess of 400 degrees F. The billet 4140-alloy steel cross-shafts and sleeves are zinc plated for lasting performance. The sleeves have an interlocking design that prevents the hardware from ever working loose. The pivots carry both forward and back loads (the original cross-shaft pivot was designed to only carry a forward or back load, but not both). Ball joints are included. The control arm assemblies are a simple bolt-in installation with no modification required. They work with all factory and replacement power steering systems, with or without OE bumpstops, and are available in either black or silver.

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Classic Performance Products

Chris Alston's Chassisworks
Chris Alston's Chassisworks offers the gStreet coilover front suspension system for Tri-Fives. The gStreet kit includes precision formed, lightweight control arms fit with bonded rubber or poly bushings and billet cross-shafts. Unique to the gStreet setup is the integration of true coilover, eye-style lower shock mounts, which allow fitting of longer travel shocks. The system can be ordered with single- or double-adjustable VariShock coilover shock absorbers with your choice of spring rate. The control arms bolt directly to your OEM chassis mounts, are finished in gray hammer-tone powdercoat, accept stock-tapered ball joints, and will work with stock or dropped aftermarket spindles. Optional VariShock air suspension and specifically valved drag race variations are also available.

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Chris Alston's Chassisworks

Energy Suspension
By installing a complete set of Energy Suspension's performance polyurethane bushings, you'll realize an improvement in control no matter what demand you put on your vehicle. All components are impervious to oils, gasses, road salts, and atmospheric conditions, and are up to 10 times stronger than their rubber counterparts. Plus, to make ordering easier Energy Suspension has combined all of the urethane bushings for your Tri-Five into one part number: 3.18121R.

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Energy Suspension

Fatman Fabrications
Fatman has been building frames and chassis for the aftermarket for over 20 years. The Fatman '55-57 chassis features fully boxed steel construction with extra bracing and rigidity to handle a myriad of horsepower and performance levels. A four-link suspension design is used in the rear, while up front an improved Mustang II-style suspension with Fatman control arms is used. Customers can have the chassis built for their intended engine combo, and any Tri-Five body style, from station wagon up to convertible.

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Fatman Fabrications

Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts
Heidts has released its new '55-57 Chevy Triangulated four-link kit. This kit does not require a Panhard rod and comes with chassis and axle brackets, adjustable links, full upper coilover crossmember, adjustable Heidts black coilovers, and all necessary hardware. No cutting or floor modifications are needed and adjustable four-link mounts allow for suspension tuning. "Our Chevy Triangulated four-link is designed to handle lots of horsepower and make the Chevy Tri-Fives handle corners better than what the original designers could ever have dreamed of," says Frank Happ, owner of Heidts. The kit is available in plain steel or polished stainless steel tubes. Optional items are available, including 9-inch housing with third member, axles, and rear disc brakes.

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Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts

Global West Suspension
Global West manufactures and offers several components from front to rear for the '55-57s. The list starts out with tubular upper and lower control arms with billet shafts and Global West's Del-a-lum bushings. In addition, power steering components, coilover shocks and springs, sway bars, brake kits, leaf springs-stock, 2- and 3-inch drop are available-along with a new Del-a-lum leaf-spring bushing/shackle kit.

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Del-a-lum bushings work similarly to a bearing and provide smooth movement with no bind or squeaks, plus they have a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. The control arms are supplied with special billet shafts that extend the bushing surface area for greater control and provide upgraded geometry over stock. The control arms carry a limited lifetime warranty and are powdercoated black. Using the control arms will provide straight-line stability, improved corner entry for the more aggressive driver, and better tire life.

Global West Suspension




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