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Art Morrison Enterprises 1964-1972 Chevy Chevelle Chassis - Morrison Code

Aug 1, 2010
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The '64-72 Chevelle has always been a popular car for Art Morrison Enterprises customers. Over the years they've watched the component mix for these cars go from a rear subframe designed for bracket racing, to a full chassis for the Pro Street look, to customers now wanting to create something that will perform like a modern-day sports/touring car.

Unfortunately, the test of time and torque hasn't been friendly on the platform for the Chevelle. The chassis is prone to cracking and twisting thanks to its layout of sharp angle bends and lack of any lateral bracing. Seeing the need to create a user-friendly bolt-on chassis, Art Morrison Enterprises spent hundreds of hours reverse engineering and designing a new frame. The result was a product that would be stronger than the original chassis, offer a performance ride and handling, and eliminate the need for serious floor modifications.

A. Extra body mounts tie into the under floor body ribs. This helps to unitize the body to the chassis for reduced deflection and increased stiffness.

B. Mid-rails designed for the highest strength/weight ratio. The low-profile design also prevents excessive amounts of chassis to be seen "hanging" from under the car.

C. Rear rails are narrowed to allow up to 345 wide tires and attach to both the rear suspension crossmember and mid-rails for high degree of stiffness.

D. High-strength, low-friction ball joints used on the AME tubular lower control arms.

E. Anti-roll bar tuned for proper roll stiffness while splined anti-roll bars are available as an option for track day builds.

F. Repositioned R&P for stock engine placement; available in 20:1 and 15:1 ratios and choice of poly or solid mounting bushings.

G. Center crossmember designed to enhance torsional strength and precisely fits the contours of the floor pan for maximum ground clearance.

H. Larger control arm bushings for reduced noise, vibration, and harshness. Other features of the control arms include greasable fittings and simplified adjustment of camber and caster.

I. Sculpted control arms for maximum tire clearance.

J. Tall C6 Corvette uprights for superior suspension geometry and a wide range of available brake kit options.

K. The rearend housing is made in numerous widths to accommodate your tire and wheel package. A back brace is available as an option.

L. The triangulated 4-bar rear suspension provides an extremely stable roll center and predictable handling while leaving plenty of room for exhaust. Three-link rear suspension will be available as an option for track day enthusiasts.


Art Morrison Enterprises
Fife, WA 98424



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