1955-1957 Chevy Air Ride Suspension - Out Gettin' Slammed

We install cool new parts from Air Ride Technologies in a bare-bones 1957 Chevy

Dakota Wentz Jan 23, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucs_0600_06_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Measuring 2/27

When determining where to mount the upper ShockWave mount, measure 20 1/4 inches from the edge of the crossmember bracket to the large hole at the bottom of the frame.

Sucs_0600_07_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Mount_installation 3/27

Once the mounting point is located, mount the upper ShockWave mount. Be sure to use the correct mount because there is a driver- and passenger-side mount.

Sucs_0600_08_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Four_link_bars 4/27

Mount the four-link bars to the crossmember mount, but do not tighten them down yet.

Sucs_0600_09_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension AirBAR_installed 5/27

So far, the setup should look something like this. The crossmember is secured and the four-link bars are installed on the crossmember.

Sucs_0600_10_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Shockwave_7000 6/27

Before installing the ShockWave 7000s, apply thread sealant on the air fittings and then screw the air fitting into the ShockWave.

Sucs_0600_11_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Shockwave_7000 7/27

Hang the ShockWaves from the upper mount.

Sucs_0600_12_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Rearend_measuring 8/27

Although you can do the work with the rearend under the car, ours was already out and we decided to handle the build out in the open. When installing the axle brackets, there are several things to accomplish. First, make sure the driver- and passenger-side brackets (the passenger-side bracket has the diagonal link bracket welded to it) are installed on the correlating axle sides. Second, the brackets should be welded into place 31 11/16 inches apart on the outside measurement, then center the bracket between the axle flanges; the brackets should be mounted 90 degrees with the pinion.


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