1955-1957 Chevy Air Ride Suspension - Out Gettin' Slammed

We install cool new parts from Air Ride Technologies in a bare-bones 1957 Chevy

Dakota Wentz Jan 23, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucs_0600_13_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Rearend_welding 2/27

Once everything is squared away, weld the brackets to the axle 1 inch at a time to avoid warping the axle.

Sucs_0600_14_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Shockwave_7000_installation 3/27

Mount the ShockWave to the axle using the billet bracket on the axle, and then mount the four-link bars to the axle brackets. When mounting the ShockWaves, there is a driver- and passenger-side bracket; the correct bracket will offset the ShockWave toward the wheel.

Sucs_0600_15_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Diagonal_link 4/27

With the axle in place, install the diagonal link using the spacers and hardware.

Sucs_0600_16_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Rear_finished_product 5/27

The final product should look similar to this.

Sucs_0600_17_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Front_kit 6/27

With the back all wrapped up, it's time to install the Air Ride StrongArms with ShockWave bags. Here's a bird's-eye view of the Air Ride setup.

Sucs_0600_18_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Strongarm_bushing 7/27

The Air Ride kit comes with bushings and ball joints, but they're not installed. Use the Air Ride hardware and bolt up the ball joints.

Sucs_0600_19_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Cross_shaft 8/27

The kit does come with bushings, but one thing it doesn't come with are new cross-shafts. Therefore, either use the old ones, or buy a set of new, aftermarket cross-shafts. No matter which one you use, there is some grinding on the cross-shaft in order for it to fit in the StrongArm.


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