1955-1957 Chevy Air Ride Suspension - Out Gettin' Slammed

We install cool new parts from Air Ride Technologies in a bare-bones 1957 Chevy

Dakota Wentz Jan 23, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucs_0600_20_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Coil_spring_pocket_trimming 2/27

For clearance issues revolving around the ShockWave air spring, the outer lip of the coil spring pocket must be trimmed.

Sucs_0600_21_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Lower_strongarm 3/27

Bolt the lower StrongArm to the car. The sway bar mount should face the front of the car.

Sucs_0600_22_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Shockwave_installation 4/27

Like before, put the air fitting into the ShockWave, and then bolt the ShockWave into the coil spring pocket. Make sure the fitting isn't touching anywhere. Next, bolt up the spindle and upper control arm. When the setup is complete, make sure no part of the ShockWave is touching at anytime during suspension travel.

Sucs_0600_23_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension BigRed_compressor_kit 5/27

With the suspension all set up, it's time to install the Air Ride BigRed four-way system. The system comes with a Viair 400 compressor, a 10-port 5-gallon tank, a Ride Pro e controller, a BigRed airvalve, 60 feet of 1/2-inch DOT air line, and DOT fittings. The coolest part is that the rise time is approximately 2 seconds.

Sucs_0600_24_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Compressor_tank_fitting_installation 6/27

Install the fittings into the 5-gallon tank.

Sucs_0600_25_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 7/27

When installing wiring and air lines, be sure to follow the Air Ride instructions for proper routing and placement.

Sucs_0600_26_z 1957_chevrolet_air_ride_suspension Ride_pro_e_program 8/27

The Ride Pro e program should be installed in a safe place, away from the harsh conditions.


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