Chevy Camaro Air Ride Suspension - Hittin' Switches And Layin' Out

Air Ride Technologies suspension system for 4th Gen Camaros

Dakota Wentz Jan 5, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucs_0600_25_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 2/39

On the passenger side the air line was run along the inner fender lip as well.

Sucs_0600_26_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 3/39

Then we pulled down the gas tank shield and ran the line inside of it over to the rubber grommet. For some added protection we covered the air line in vacuum hose.

Sucs_0600_27_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Solenoid_box_installation 4/39

Inside the trunk, just to the left, is a little compartment that will work great for mounting our RidePro solenoid box. The solenoids come pre-wired for an easy plug-n-play installation. We drilled two holes into the trunk, but didn't mount the box just yet.

Sucs_0600_28_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Solenoid_box_installation 5/39

On the correct side, that says delivery, install the air line fittings using a small amount of Teflon on the fittings.

Sucs_0600_29_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Solenoid_box_installation 6/39

On the other side of the block screw in the air pressure sensors using Teflon as well.

Sucs_0600_30_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Solenoid_box_installation 7/39

On the remaining sides of the block there are two fittings labeled exhaust and supply, these are the air inlets that run to the air tanks. Because we are only going to use one tank we blocked off one of the supply inlets, on the other we installed the air line fitting in the supply fitting.

Sucs_0600_31_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Solenoid_box_installation 8/39

Next up the airlines were installed into the solenoid fittings we just installed. Then the appropriate wire plug was plugged into the coordinating air sensor. Each one of the plugs is labeled right front, left rear and so on, so be sure to match up the coordinating plug with the correct air line. At this time we also connected the remaining plugs to the solenoid box and fastened down the box.


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