Chevy Camaro Air Ride Suspension - Hittin' Switches And Layin' Out

Air Ride Technologies suspension system for 4th Gen Camaros

Dakota Wentz Jan 5, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucs_0600_04_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension A_arm_mount 2/39

The upper A-arm mount needs to be removed from the OEM coilover. When removing the mount be sure to use a spring compressor on the spring, otherwise have 911 on speed dial because odds are someone is bound to get seriously hurt. If you don't have one make a trip to the local shop, it shouldn't be but a small fee for them to disassemble the coilover.

Sucs_0600_05_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Drilling 3/39

The AirStrut also uses this bracket to mount up as well, but first the opening in the top of the mount needs to be opened up using a 7/16" drill bit for the upper stud mount of the AirStrut to fit through.

Sucs_0600_06_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Shock_mount 4/39

Then the OEM mount is bolted to the AirStrut just like it was to the OEM coilover

Sucs_0600_07_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Fitting 5/39

Before John installed the AirStrut, he installed the air fitting using just a little bit of Teflon for a secure air tight fit.

Sucs_0600_08_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Airstrut 6/39

The best thing about installing the AirStrut is you don't have to compress a single spring, or set the ride height like you do with a coilover, all you do is bolt the AirStrut to the lower A-Arm and then install the upper A-arm and mounting bracket and your work is done.

Sucs_0600_09_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Bolt_removal 7/39

Installing the F9000 air spring in the rear is just as simple. Start by placing a jack, or some kind of support underneath the rear end. Then remove the lower shock bolt on the axle, and the upper shock nuts located inside the trunk. By pulling back the trunk deck carpet you can get to the nuts.

Sucs_0600_10_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Rear_spring_removal 8/39

With both of the shock absorbers lowered the rearend will drop down just enough to remove the rear springs.


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