Chevy Camaro Air Ride Suspension - Hittin' Switches And Layin' Out

Air Ride Technologies suspension system for 4th Gen Camaros

Dakota Wentz Jan 5, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucs_0600_18_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 2/39

Then he screwed the zip ties into the holes using sheet metal screws and lastly zip tie the line in place, but not to tight because he didn't want to pinch an air line.

Sucs_0600_19_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 3/39

Because John is going to mount the air tank in the rear of the car he ran the air line towards the inside rear of the car. There is a hole, as pictured, just above the lower control arm.

Sucs_0600_20_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 4/39

On the passenger side it was the same story, only this time John ran the airline towards the front of the car and then over to the passenger side to meet up with the other air line. There are multiple places to run the air line here, and any one of them will work fine...however you do it you must remember to keep the air line away from moving parts and hot parts, such as control arms and exhaust pipes, because a tear or hole in the line isn't going to be fun for anyone.

Sucs_0600_21_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 5/39

For some added security up front John covered the line in plastic shielding.

Sucs_0600_22_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 6/39

Once both air lines met up they were ran to the back of the car until they met up with the rear driver side air line.

Sucs_0600_23_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 7/39

The plan here is to run the lines along the inside of the inner fender lip. John drilled holes along the edge of the lip, and then zip tied the two front lines along with the rear line to holes.

Sucs_0600_24_z Chevy_camaro_air_ride_suspension Air_line_installation 8/39

The air tank is going to be mounted inside the trunk, so John needed to find a place to bring the air lines inside the car. Just behind the driver side wheel well is a rubber grommet that goes directly into the truck, by making a slight slit in the grommet the air lines were pushed up into the trunk.


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