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Bumpstops - No More Bottoming Out

Having the right sized bumpstops can make a world of difference

Jul 9, 2012
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I think we have all been there at one point. You are driving down the road in your pride and joy when all of a sudden there is a huge dip right in front of you. You have just enough time to let off the gas and go to maximum pucker point before--bang!--the car bottoms out and smacks the ground. For the next few seconds you go through the normal bottom out checks--stare at the instruments to see if the oil pressure is still up and look in the rear view to see if you left any parts behind.

There is a fairly simple and inexpensive cure to alleviate this scenario and it's called installing bump stops. Bumpstops limit the travel of the suspension system, and if they are not in place expensive things like tires, headers, and sheetmetal are all in danger of getting damaged. Most (if not all) suspension systems come with bumpstops included in the parts bag, but have you ever really made sure they were correct for your specific wheel and tire combo, headers, or anything else that might hang down? We usually just install them and hope they are correct.

Now if you have a completely stock car, then a stock bumpstop will work. But what if you have long tube headers? You'll most likely need something different.

We put this story together just to get you thinking about bumpstops and getting the right ones up front for your situation. We went to a well-known source when it comes to assorted bumpstops--Energy Suspension. The company has a ton of different bumpstops and, with the procedure we'll show here, it should help you get the perfect ones.

Sucp_1208_08_bumpstops_no_more_bottoming_out_ 8/8

7 We wanted to give the Chevelle's suspension all the travel it could have so we took the stock style one that measured 1-3/4 inches a try. This one gave us the perfect ratio of protection without sacrificing travel. This totally makes sense since we have a factory-sized wheel and tire combo on the car right now. In the future, if we up-size our tire diameter, change wheel offset, or once we install the motor we'll need to revisit this and most likely install a taller bump stop.


Energy Suspension
San Clemente, 92673



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