Heidts Muscle Car Parts Pro-G Front Clip Install - Get That Shoebox To Handle

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If you didn't already know, the early Chevy IIs are great cars to use as a project. They are small, yet still have the great muscle car styling of their bigger brothers. One of the biggest issues with the Nova is the front suspension and engine compartment. The factory suspension leaves a lot to be desired, especially the rear-steer setup. Also, the shock towers encroach into the engine compartment so much that even putting in a small-block can be a tight squeeze. Luckily for anyone who wants to build one of these, Heidts Muscle Car Parts has a two-for-one-type product. The company's Pro-G front clip will give the car superior handling over stock and make room for wider front tires and larger engines.

This is a new product for Heidts, and since we are all about showing off interesting new stuff that makes classic cars better, we hooked up with Randy Johnson of D&Z Customs. Randy built the wicked second-gen Camaro that we had on our January cover this year. The next project he is working on just so happens to be a shoebox Nova that is receiving Heidts new front suspension. We will cover the the car's rear suspension in a future issue. We arrived at his shop just in time to watch the installation, and here is how it all went down.


Dayton, OH 45439
D&Z Customs
Kewaskum, WI


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