Chevy Chassis Swap - Skeletal Transplant

Some Tips And Tricks For Swapping A New Frame Under Your Tri-Five Or Any Other Chevy.

Patrick Hill Mar 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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If you're swapping an aftermarket frame/chassis underneath your Bow Tie, there are some things you should know that'll help make the job go easier. If you're having a shop do the install, there are still some things to know so you can understand what the shop's doing (and why) to install your chassis.

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In our September '10 issue, Fatman Fabrications built a brand new chassis for our '55 hardtop project. Now the time's come for us to install the new rolling skeleton underneath our shoebox's body. Even though the chassis is specifically designed to fit underneath any '55-57 Chevy (each frame has the specific body mounts to match the body application), there are still a few things that have to be tweaked for everything to fit correctly.

While working on our XS Chevelle convertible project, the crew at Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists (CARS) was nice enough to volunteer some time and lend a hand with installing our Fatman chassis. After several ups and downs with the body on a two-post lift, everything was fitting like a glove and the way was made clear for doing some much needed metal repair work to bring our hardtop's body back to rust-free condition.

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