1969 Nova Steering Box - Course Corrections

Swapping In A New Steering Gearbox Can Make Your Old Chevy Feel Young.

The new CPP 14:1 close-ratio box (PN 6774PSBS, $399) is on the right next to the stocker. If you are hardcore into turning fast, CPP also offers the more aggressive 12.7:1 ratio, but for our Nova 14:1 is fast enough. We also picked up a new 3/4-inch 30-spline coupler (PN RJC730, $49) and some adaptor fittings (PN 605ANFIF, $25) so that the original power steering lines could mate to the new box.

Next, we removed the old pitman arm from the stock gearbox. Sometimes it comes off with a few taps from a hammer, but ours had been on there a long time, so we broke out our trusty puller. If you don't have a puller they are cheap to buy or you can bum one off a buddy.

We then installed the pitman arm onto the new CPP power steering box. The easiest way is with an air impact gun as shown, but it can be done by hand with a bit more effort.

The coupler supplied by CPP was then fastened to the factory steering column. If you're very careful, you won't have to get your steering aligned due to your steering wheel being off-center.

There was nothing wrong with our existing power steering hoses, but the ends weren't compatible with the ports on the new pump. That left us with three choices. The first would be to switch to new -AN style hoses, the second would be to get hoses with the right ends to work with the new ports, or thirdly to use these adaptor fittings from CPP so that we could use our stock lines. We opted for the wallet-friendly option three.

Due to the Nova's aftermarket hydraboost system, we installed this fitting so that we could use the pre-existing -AN hose.

This part is much easier with an extra set of hands. It was a tight fit, but the new box fit without any modifications or moving of the headers. One of us lifted and held the box in place while the other inserted the three bolts though the frame.

With the box in place we were then able to tighten the three bolts that hold the box to the frame.

The last step was to reinstall our power steering lines. We then installed the pitman arm and secured it with the new nut and lock washer and secured it to the centerlink with a castle nut and new cotter pin. After double checking that all of the bolts were tight, we added some power steering fluid and took the Nova out for a test drive. The difference in steering feel was immense and it felt like we knocked 40 years off the car. Maybe that's because we did.


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