1971 Camaro Suspension - Attitude Adjustment

We Fix The Stance On A Second-Gen Camaro With A Coilover Kit From QA1.

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A bad stance can kill the looks of even the coolest car. A jacked-up rake and a gap the size of the Grand Canyon over the front tire just looks bad. Back in the day, we would grab a torch and slice a chunk out of the front coils. Sometimes it worked, but more often ended up with a car that leaned like a drunken sailor. One time we cut off too much and had to run spring spacers until we could find another set at the local salvage yard. In truth, even when we cut them just right we were still doing nothing for, and most likely hurting, performance.

Today's aftermarket offers an endless array of widgets to help you get your Chevy sitting pretty and handling properly. One way is by going with a coilover suspension. The only problem here is cold hard cash since it's often a pricey proposition involving new control arms and sometimes a bit of fabrication. When we spied QA1's Pro Coil system, we were intrigued. It offers the benefits of a full-blown coilover system in what the company bills as an easy-to-install package which doesn't require messing with the GM control arms. It sounded like a sweet deal, so we ordered up a kit, borrowed a buddy's Camaro, and decided to see for ourselves.


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