1957 Chevy Bel Air Suspension - Anti-Orca Devices

With The Help Of Some Hotchkis Sway Bars, This Five-Seven Receives A Lesson In Roll Control.

Hotchkis conveniently added these grease fittings at all of the necessary grease points, facilitating ease of lubrication when needed. Pictured is the front sway bar kit installed with the vehicle on the ground. Everything fit perfectly with no interference. It was now time to hit the slalom course over at historic Old Bridge Township Raceway Park for some after numbers.

More before and after--can you guess which is which? Look at how far the car was drifting in the photo at left. It was much more responsive and predictable (not surprising) with the addition of the bars. I could actually stay in the seat and drive the thing! To be able to knock 1.22 seconds off your time in a 420-foot slalom and pick up almost 5 mph with just sway bars shows they are a worthwhile investment. Equally important, the Tri-Five is safer and more fun to drive on the street.

Once again, Brian marked the lower control arms to be drilled with his trusty ole 7/16-inch unibit (which was starting to wear out). Beyond the final drilling, the fasteners were installed and the sway bar end-links were tightened to the point of where the bushings just began to show signs of bulge.


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