1957 Chevy Bel Air Suspension - Anti-Orca Devices

With The Help Of Some Hotchkis Sway Bars, This Five-Seven Receives A Lesson In Roll Control.

After drilling the two 7/16-inch holes in the frame, Brian installed this shorty style U-bolt in through the frame. When installing the frame bracket, it is easier to remove it from the end-link first.

Once the frame brackets were tightened the final steps were taken to complete the installation. Note--we did run into a slight issue with the less than desirable seam on the frame rail of the five-seven. It was severely uneven where the frame bracket needed to be installed, so Brian welded the bracket in place to achieve the proper angle, however in most instances this should not be necessary. With our rear sway bar installation complete let's head to the front!

The front way bar kit from Hotchkis (PN 22105F) features a 1 3/8-inch lightweight tubular steel bar, which is said to be 60 percent stiffer than the ulta-rare (virtually non-exisitent) stock unit, which was installed on no more than a handful of cars. Everything needed for a headache-free installation is included. Like 99.999 percent of all '57s, our tester was not equipped with a sway bar.

Here you can see that the '57 has two framerails pictured, one inner (angled) and one outer (traditional straight). The instructions state to mark a continuation line along where the inner frame rail intersects the outer. Once the line is marked the bushing bracket can be properly aligned (as shown) and the proper holes marked for drilling via a 7/16-inch drill bit.

In order to install the reinforced bushing brackets properly, the bumper support bracket fasteners needs to be removed, giving enough room to slip it in. The bumper support brackets are then refastened.

It is now time to install the sway bar, bushings, and bushing brackets. Once in place the brackets can be tightened for good. Each bushing received a liberal amount of silicone grease before installation. Brian proceeded to install the sway bar end-links and bracket to gain the proper geometry for installation.




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