Heidts' Pro-G Front And Rear Suspension - Bottoms Up

With A Little Know-How And A Free Weekend, Heidts' Pro-G Front And Rear Suspension For The Second-Gen Camaro Installs With Ease.

Mike Ficacci May 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0905_01_z Heidts_pro_g_front_and_rear_suspenion Camaro 2/37

When we saw how well the new second-gen Camaro suspension parts from Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts worked at the Super Chevy Suspension & Handling Challenge last August (January '09 issue), we were anxious to see how they installed. To that end, we went over to Route 66 Motorsports in New Lenox, Illinois, where we met with Marc Prince (the owner of Heidts) and got crackin' on the front and rear bolt-in suspension from Heidts on a '71 Camaro. Route 66 purchased the car on eBay and was using it to develop its line of ProRide Performance Cars (available direct and coming soon).

I know it's going to sound far-fetched, but if you know your Camaro better than the back of your hand, you can install the Heidts front and rear suspensions after the five o'clock bell and before a case of the Mondays. OK, maybe you'll want to give yourself a holiday weekend just to make sure. It's amazing what you can accomplish when bolts actually line up on the first shot, aftermarket parts mate properly with 1970s-era spring buckets, and instructions are written well.

Said editor Jim Campisano after driving the Heidts test mule Camaro, "The Heidts engineers did their homework. The suspension was smooth and compliant. The car turned in fantastic numbers at the track, but was comfortable on the street."




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