1969 Chevy Camaro Watt's Link and Torque Arm Kit Install - Getting A Better Handle On Things The Watt's Way

Patrick Hill May 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0904w_11_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 2/57

Things go together like a sandwich on the rear, with a gasket between the housing and the mount...

Sucp_0904w_12_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 3/57

Then the mount is slipped into place...

Sucp_0904w_13_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 4/57

...Followed by another gasket...

Sucp_0904w_14_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 5/57

...Then the new rear end cover with higher fluid capacity and main bearing reinforcement for the rear end.

Sucp_0904w_15_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 6/57

The front/transmission end of the torque arm features a fully bushed nose that the connection yoke slips into. This allows a minimal amount of forward/backward motion so the torque arm doesn't bind or twist during operation.

Sucp_0904w_16_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 7/57

Another BMR feature are grease fittings for both the yoke and torque arm bushing to both can be lubed for worry free operation.

Sucp_0904w_17_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 8/57

Here the rear of the arm connects to the bracket on the rear end housing...

Sucp_0904w_18_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 9/57

...While the front bolts into place on the trans crossmember.

Sucp_0904w_19_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 10/57

With both ends in place, they're bolted in using the supplied hardware. All fasteners in the kit are Grade 8 bolts for superior strength and durability.

Sucp_0904w_20_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 11/57

The arm also comes with a driveshaft loop, so if a shaft failure occurs, it won't go through the underside of the body like a buzz saw, or tear up the underside of the car.

Sucp_0904w_21_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 12/57

That done, it's time to install the side braces for the torque arm to provide extra strength in high torque applications, and give the forthcoming Watts-Link bracket extra support.

Sucp_0904w_22_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 13/57

To hold everything in place for the time being, the mounting bolts are used to hold the braces in place.

Sucp_0904w_23_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 14/57

To remove the leaf springs for the Watt's link install, the gas tank has to be removed first. This is always easier if the tank is as empty as possible. It's best to store the tank outside or other well ventilated area to prevent a risk of accidental explosion.

Sucp_0904w_24_z First_gen_camaro Watts_link_install 15/57

This bracket connects the Watts-Link bars to the rear end, providing for the adjustable lateral stability and range of motion. If you have an '03 and up Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis, this is the same system used in those cars, and all of their police cousins.


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