Summit Racing Equipment - Caging The Beast!

Before We Attempt To Propel Project True Sstreet Into The 8-Second Zone, Safety Is A Must And The Rear Suspension Needs Finishing.

Dan Ryder Jan 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

It was now time to move to the trunk. Randy had altered the rear trunk bars, which are ready to install through where the seat back would normally reside. At our request, Randy specially bent the bars to go through the speaker deck so we can retain our back seat for the occasional passenger, as crazy as that may sound.

Now that our cage is installed, Randy began installation of the R.J.S. window net obtained from Summit Racing. For ease of installation, S&W sent us this nifty window net mount kit. Installation was rather simple, but does require some welding.

Next Mark climbs under the G-body and begins installation of the adjustable lower shock mounts from Chris Alston's Chassisworks. Once the mounts are installed and the car is set at the desired ride height, Mark welds the tabs to the coil over cross bar and welds the bar in between the frame rails. For added rigidity, Randy had Mark add a piece of flat stock between the car and the upper frame section, which also ties into the rear cage bars.

While Mark was hard at work, Donald began assembly of the VariShock coil over conversion. CA Chassisworks suggested that we start with a 175lb spring in the rear and may need to go with a 225lb at a later date (depending on rear weight and squat at launch). The VariShocks will provide us with the ultimate in adjustability with a dual setting for both rebound and compression. Once the shocks were assembled and installed, we now have a completed coil-over conversion. Looks awesome!

We'll now begin the installation of the G-body-specific anti-roll bar. If you remember our Fab9 housing was fabricated with an integrated tube for this unit. Once the polymer bearings were pressed in, the 48-spline bar was slid into place and the billet aluminum arms were installed. The ARB will dramatically reduce body roll on launch giving us a better 60-foot time, hence a better e.t. Chassisworks gives very specific instructions, along with tips on adjustments.




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