1987 Monte Carlo SS Suspension - Armed, But Not Yet Dangerous

Project True Sstreet Puts Up A New Front-Suspension That Is.

Dan Ryder Nov 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0811_34_z 1987_monte_carlo_ss_suspension Side_front_view 2/25

Needing some DOT-legal rubber to wrap around the Street Lites, we called upon Mickey Thompson Tires in Stow, Ohio. Mickey Thompson Performance Tires is known worldwide as a leader in high-performance tires for both on and off-road applications. We'll utilize the DOT-approved Sportsman front tires and the ET Streets in the rear, which work as well as slicks, but are also DOT approved. Why all this DOT, you ask? Since we'll be running Tremec True Street events at assorted Super Chevy Shows with Project True SStreet, DOT approved tires are required.Now let's get busy!

Sucp_0811_32_z 1987_monte_carlo_ss_suspension Final_shot 3/25

Here's a final shot of out new front suspension installed. Not only did everything fit perfectly, but it looks great. We have to admit, we screwed up on one thing: Being guys and all, we mounted the shock in the stock location on the lower arm; however, a coilover unit requires mounting atop the arm, leaving the majority of the load on the cross bar-not the fasteners. That's what happens when you assemble first and read the instructions later. The situation has since been corrected. Check out the stance on this bad boy! It almost looks like a tube chassis car. While this looks cool, once the proper drivetrain is installed and the rear ride height is set, we'll adjust accordingly. For now we'll enjoy our super-low stance.


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