1969 Nova Suspension Kit - Flat Lining

We Get This '69 Nova Flatter In The Curves With A Suspension Kit From CPP.

Sucp_0810_06_z 1969_nova_suspension_kit Improved_geometry 2/21

Besides the improved geometry, the new control arms are stronger and look a ton better than the tired GM parts. The CPP control arms come with new ball joints installed as well as new bushings. The bushings are made from self-lubricating non-squeak patented plastic that CPP claims will outlast any rubber or urethane. They will keep working even at temperatures in excess of 400 degrees F.

Sucp_0810_10_z 1969_nova_suspension_kit Upper_control_arm 3/21

We then put the upper control arms in place. One nice thing about these control arms is that the chrome-moly cross shafts and sleeves are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The sleeves also have an interlocking design that prevents the hardware from ever working loose, and the pivots carry both forward and back loads (the original cross shaft pivot was designed to only carry a forward or back load, but not both).




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