1968 Chevy Malibu Steering Upgrades - Can't Wait To Drive It!

We Steer Project Malibu Muscle In The Right Direction.

Tony Kelly Mar 15, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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When we do get our mighty engine and drivetrain, Project Malibu Muscle will have the right suspension parts to make it go where we point it. Leaving in old parts from 1968 would invite unreliable steering problems like wandering and bumpsteering, which will require extra effort to turn (especially to park). We'd also have a steering wheel we would be ashamed to show in public. The beat up old wheel and column could not be adjusted for comfort, and certainly didn't have the cool look of our new ididit tilt column, and Grant wheel.

For a modest outlay of funds, our musclecar, and yours too, can have modern steering upgrades inside and out, including a new power steering gear from Remy, and Original Parts Group's new pitman arm, centerlink, idler arm assembly, inner and outer tie rods, and Hotchkis tie rod sleeves. We're topping it off with a custom dash and a brand-new dash pad, so that everything the driver sees and puts his or her hands on looks great, and actually works.

And why not? We've already covered the fundamentals by installing a great suspension and brake system from Hotchkis and Master Power Brakes (Super Chevy, March 2006), we're not about to leave any weak links with old parts. This is not a major job as far as time goes, but of course we're doing the upgrades on a car with no engine or interior. If all the parts are ready, a fairly savvy builder can spend a few hours on the weekend, and feel good about what he's accomplished, as we did.




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