1956 Chevrolet 210 - Give it Some Shaft

Upgrade Your Tri-Five With A New Steering Wheel, Shaft And Box.

Mike Harrington Jan 30, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Aging can be a tough process. Some folks notice small aches and pains starting in just their mid-30s. Luckily we have doctors, exercise programs and even pills to "enhance performance." So what about that 50-year-old car you may have sitting in your driveway? What has been done to it to enhance its performance?

Brakes, wheels, tires and even engine swaps are great, but what about the steering? Is the shaft getting sloppy seconds from the box? Even if you think it performs well, it might not do as well as you think. After all, a 50-year-old steering box and column have many a moving part that (like anything else mechanical) wears out with age.

Such was the case with this '56 Chevy 210. It was in dire need of some help in the steering department. Starting with the steering box, we chose Performance Online's new 600 power steering box. This box is not a rebuild or refurbished unit. It is brand new and even better, it's made in the USA. The steering box is complete with the latest in steering technology including a rack and pinion-style servo.

The steering shaft we used was from ididit. It is one of its paintable steel columns. It comes with a four-way flasher, canceling turn signals, 3 7/8 wiring harness and is complete with a neutral safety switch and a connection to the original dash bezel indicator.

The nice thing about this column is the fact that if you choose to maintain the stock look, the paintable option is nice. But we choose to deviate from the stock look and threw on a killer steering wheel from Billet Specialties. Take a look and follow along with us.


Billet Specialties
La Grange, 60526
Tecumseh, MI 49286
Performance Online
Fullerton, CA 92831
Cars Inc.
Rochester Hills, MI 48309


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We take a 1956 210 and upgrade its steering with a new power steering box including a rack and pinion-style servo, steering col...
Mike Harrington Jan 30, 2007


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