1988 Chevy Camaro Air Suspension - Camaro Cool-Ride Kit

Taking the Rock Out of IROC

John Gilbert Sep 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)

As promised at the beginning of this story, we have some hard numbers to look at. Before any modifications to the IROC were ever made, we ran it through the 420-foot slalom. Here are the numbers we came up with: In its factory stock form, the Camaro ran the slalom at 38.2 mph at 7.52 seconds. When it was later upgraded using Hotchkis springs, sway bars, subframe connectors, torque arms, etc., it ran the same slalom at 45.5 mph at 6.35 seconds with a gain of 7 mph. When we ran the Camaro through the slalom with its new Air Ride system, we set the adjustable Tokico shocks on the lowest setting.

After this, it ran in the high-6s and low-7s, which was not good enough for us. So we readjusted the shocks and set them near the top setting. With five possible rebound positions, we set the shocks at the #4 position. After this, we ran the slalom five more times; this time around, we achieved some consistent numbers. The Camaro ran some solid mid-6 times; its best time was 6.47 at 44.2 mph. At this point, we were happy and decided that Air Ride had proved itself on the track. Yes, we could have set the shocks on the #5 position and run it through the cones a few more times, all the while adjusting the air pressure to move the numbers even lower. But it was lunchtime, and we were happy with what we had achieved.

Perhaps the greatest achievement for this car and us is the fact that the ride quality drastically improved. Before, when the suspension was at its stiffest, we could run over a dime and tell you if it was heads or tails. Now we can clear the mountain-sized speed bumps in parking lots then let the car down so it looks low and mean. And don't think for one minute that we're going let the guy in the Porsche ride our tail through the canyon passes, either. He's going to at least be 10 car lengths behind trying to negotiate the curves!




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