1988 Chevy Camaro Air Suspension - Camaro Cool-Ride Kit

Taking the Rock Out of IROC

John Gilbert Sep 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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Air Ride Technologies' '82-'92 Camaro Cool-Ride Kit is compatible with OEM and aftermarket suspension and brake components, including these aftermarket Baer brakes.

The two most common causes associated with air-ride failures are bags (same thing as an air spring) that have been installed too close to a revolving or moving part, therefore causing a bag to leak or pop. Not quite as disastrous but equally inconvenient are leaking air lines caused by friction or are improperly connected at the fittings.

The beauty of installing an engineered product, such as an Air Ride Technologies Cool-Ride Kit, on our Camaro is that the proper bracket geometry has been incorporated into its design after extensive research and development. This means no rude surprises from an airbag failure causing a potentially lethal accident, or premature suspension wear chewing up expensive tires. In addition to proper design, another important consideration is the quality of the parts contained in an air-ride kit. Since the company's founding over 10 years ago, Air Ride Technologies has included automotive-specific components from quality manufacturers, including Firestone and Thomas to mention a few. When it comes to air-ride suspension we can't stress enough the importance of high-quality parts. Not only does it matter for day-in-day out service but ease of installation, as well.

There's one more possible weak link in dealing with the installation of an air-ride setup-how professional the installation is conducted. One can have the best kit in the world and if certain assembly details are ignored, the system can fail.

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The left- and right-side links to the Hotchkis Performance front sway bar were unbolted then disconnected. Note: PN#1903 Hotchkis Performance Sports coil spring is behind John's right hand at top.

To help with the installation of our Camaro's Air Ride Technologies Cool-Ride Kit, we traveled from our Orange County offices out to Hot Rides By Dean in Moorpark, California. Shop owner Dean Sears has a reputation for producing meticulous work on everything from ground-up builds to minor installations. In the captions, we have noted special precautions that Dean and his mechanic, WyoTech graduate John Bruce, took to ensure a trouble-free life expectancy for our IROC's Cool-Ride setup.

The best part of any performance modification is to get in the car and take a testdrive. Right out of the gate, our Camaro's ride quality was improved markedly over any suspension combinations we tried previously, including stock. Since then, we have logged over 800 miles on the Camaro, and it really has become a pleasure to drive, not to mention it's fun to lay it out when it's time to park.

Of course any magazine can write all the praise in the world about a product, but it's all meaningless fluff without hard data to back it up. Consequently, we have provided before and after data charts for our valued readers to compare and decide which suspension system best suits their requirements.


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