1967 Chevy Nova Suspension - Riding Right

Revitalizing The Suspension And Steering In A Tired Old 1967 Chevy Nova

Jim Rizzo Apr 10, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0606_20_z 1967_chevy_nova Leaf_spring_mount 2/27

The front-mount bolts were equally frozen, but they finally capitulated. The large cup-type washer allows the spring bushing to be removed/inserted through the side while/after the spring is in place, making removal and installation much easier.

Sucp_0606_21_z 1967_chevy_nova Leaf_springs 3/27

Here's a shot of the OE single-leaf spring and the three-leaf Just Suspension replacement. The new spring is engineered for a smoother ride andbetter handling.

Sucp_0606_22_z 1967_chevy_nova Leaf_spring_mount 4/27

Here you can see how the outboard front spring bushing slips through the large-diameter hole in the outer mount bracket and is expanded by the cup washer that partially protrudes through the hole-I thought that was pretty ingenious, but hey, what do I know?

Sucp_0606_23_z 1967_chevy_nova Spring_insulator 5/27

The Real Deal kit also contains replacement spring insulators. Here you can see one in place on the lower spring retainer.

Sucp_0606_24_z 1967_chevy_nova Rear_brake_drum 6/27

With the rearend buttoned up...

Sucp_0606_25_z 1967_chevy_nova Tie_rod 7/27

...and the front tie rods and sleeves installed and adjusted (by eye, anyway), it was time to check all the nuts' and bolts' tightness-a ritual I now do after every install (believe me, there's a story behind this ritual that I'll get into someday).

Sucp_0606_26_z 1967_chevy_nova On_jackstands 8/27

Once the job was completed, it was time for a break and a cold beverage. This was followed by the reinstallation of the wheels and tires and a testdrive around town. The Nova handled like a new car even though the frontend was only eyeballed-I can't imagine how well it'll ride and handle after a good alignment job! So, with actual experience under my belt, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Just Suspension kits to anyone considering an OEM-style suspension upgrade-the parts sure worked great for me.


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