1967 Chevy Nova Suspension - Riding Right

Revitalizing The Suspension And Steering In A Tired Old 1967 Chevy Nova

Jim Rizzo Apr 10, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0606_04_z 1967_chevy_nova Front_suspension 2/27

Here's what we started with, an extremely worn (and extremely rusted) suspension system. The front ball joints and tie rods were completely worn out, and the rear leaves had lost their arch. If there ever was a vehicle in need of a suspension overhaul, this was it.

Sucp_0606_05_z 1967_chevy_nova Suspension_disassembly 3/27

Disassembly was by far the worst part of the chore, even though I talked my pal Javier into giving me a hand-hey, somebody had to work the camera.

Sucp_0606_06_z 1967_chevy_nova Tie_rod_end 4/27

Forty years had taken its toll. I honestly believe the Nova sported its original ball joints and tie rod ends, and they didn't want to budge-hit it harder, Javier!

Sucp_0606_07_z 1967_chevy_nova Tie_rod_comparison 5/27

The Real Deal kit components are much higher quality than parts store replacements, as Just Suspension has them manufactured to meet its strict specifications. Not only are they better than most replacements, they're also manufactured to higher standards than OE components.

Sucp_0606_08_z 1967_chevy_nova Pitman_arm_comparison 6/27

Luckily, the pitman arm popped off without too much of a fight. The correct tool also helped.

Sucp_0606_09_z 1967_chevy_nova Control_arm_removal 7/27

With the tie rods, center link, and spindles removed, it was time to dismantle the control arms.

Sucp_0606_10_z 1967_chevy_nova Control_arm_removal 8/27

A bit of Liquid Wrench-actually, a lot-helped with the frozen mounting bolts. We were aided a bit by the narrow six in the engine compartment-it made it easier to get at and free up the upper control arm nuts a bit.

Sucp_0606_11_z 1967_chevy_nova Front_suspension_removed 9/27

Here's the pile of parts from the driver-side front. The control arms took a long while to scrape and degrease-since I was calling in a favor from a friend (to press out the old and put in the new bushings), I wanted them to be cleaned up before I brought 'em over.


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