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Chevy Tri-Five Leaf Spring - Excess Baggage

We Show You How To Shed That Extra Weight . . . On Your Tri-Five

Dakota Wentz Sep 1, 2004
Sucp_0409_01_z Chevy_tri_five_leaf_spring Classic_chevy 2/24

A short while ago I headed down to the garage to get started on a project when something caught my attention. Next to the garage, where I normally work, my workspace was covered with branches drooping over from the good ol' weeping willow tree, and that's just unacceptable. So I did what any man would do, I got out the chainsaw and hacked and hacked until I knew there was enough room, and then some. After I was finished I stepped back and took a good look, and at that moment I realized something. By getting rid of all that excess crap, I've got more room to work with, and therefore, I can do a lot more cool things.

Somewhere down the line the folks at Total Cost Involved Engineering (TCI). looked underneath a '55-57 Chevy and noticed the same thing. Those of you familiar with the rear suspension setup on a Tri-Five know that the stock leaf springs mount on the outside of the framerail. Now that might be okay if it was still 1957, but now that everything is bigger and better, Tri-Five enthusiast need more room, plain and simple. TCI figured, why not do away with all the baggage and free up some room?

Sucp_0409_02_z Chevy_tri_five_leaf_spring Spot_weld_drill 3/24

R&D Technician at TCI, Ed Balser, began the install by drilling out the spot welds on the OEM spring mounts.

TCI has done all its homework in developing their new '55-57 Chevy rear leaf spring relocating kit. They are now producing a compendium of components that allows you to do away with the excess baggage and get down to business. By removing the outside spring shackles, and relocating them inside and on top of the frame rails a whole heap of room has been freed up.

With TCI's new kit buyers now have more options to choose from while building their beast. For instance, with the space saved in the rear you now have the option to run the bigger tires and wider rims. And since you've got more rubber back there, might as well go ahead and add a few more horses under the hood. The list goes on.

The TCI kit comes with everything to get the job done except skill. And for those with basic cutting and welding knowledge this project should be no problem. But for others, the install could cause some problems due to the fair amount of welding and cutting involved. Other than that, take a look at the install and decide for yourself.


Total Cost Involved Engineering Inc.
Ontario, CA 91762



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