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Installing A New Borgeson Shaft That Won't Steer You Wrong.

Mike Petralia Sep 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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17-inches worked out to be the magic number for the '70 Camaro. We're working with its high performance AGR box mounted in the stock location.

Steering a car is sort of like programming a computer. If the input the computer receives is not correct, then the computer cannot work correctly. Likewise, if the input the driver receives-from the steering wheel-isn't correct, then the car won't drive right. While we love our old Chevrolets, there's a lot they can benefit from. One big improvement you can make is replacing the old steering shaft and its totally outdated "rag joint."

A new collapsible steering shaft from Borgeson offers several enhanced features over the old stock unit. First, it eliminates the rag joint with a new vibration-reducing coupling that transmits a firmer feel back to the driver. Also, the billet U-joints create much less slop in the steering mechanism, which gives better feedback to the driver. With good feedback from the wheel, driver's can anticipate what the car will do next and react accordingly.

Installing the new shaft assembly took only about two hours, counting paint-drying time, but we did it with the engine out of the car. With the engine in, you'll probably have to remove the driver's side header for installation. You'll only need a few basic hand tools, a drill, a hacksaw (a metal chop saw works better if you have access to one), and maybe a bench grinder. Once you're done, you'll immediately notice a difference in the first corner you turn.


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