Chevy Chevelle Suspension - Getting Down With OPG

An Easy Approach To A Better Stance and Handling

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Ever notice how the topic of road handling rarely seems to crop up when people start talking about their musclecars? Most older street machines do real well as long as they're going in a straight line. Get into the corners however, and a lot of these cars simply give up; some of them even become downright dangerous. Very few cars from the late-'60s and early-'70s exhibited any kind of ability to tackle corners without excessive body roll, mostly due to the lack of attention paid to the car's underpinnings.

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Well, the GM A-Body experts at Original Parts Group have come up with a solution. They have designed a suspension setup exclusively for '64-72 Chevelles and early Monte Carlos that includes front and rear springs, special shocks, beefed-up front and rear sway bars, and boxing plates for the rear lower control arms.

Part of the overall design of this suspension package is to slightly lower the entire car, giving it a better center of gravity. The springs we used in this install will lower the entire vehicle by approximately 2 inches. For those who desire an even more dramatic stance, OPG also stocks 3-inch lowering springs. When you're done, you'll have one mean-looking road machine with greatly improved road manners.

It's important that you start with good, solid suspension parts to begin with. Make sure the upper and lower ball joints are in decent shape, as well as your tie rod ends and centerlink. If not, this is a good time to rebuild the suspension like we did. Take the necessary precautions while working under any vehicle. We'd like to thank Mario Romero, the owner of Top Line Performance for taking the time to show us, step-by-step, how to tackle the job.

Parts List:
Frontend rebuild kit: POLY90
Centerlink: DS749
Front 2-inch lowering springs: C990098
Front KYB Gas-A-Just shock absorbers: C980101
Front lower shock mount kit: DESAK16
Front sway bar 1 1/8-inch: ADDC883
Front sway bar bushings: POLY148
Frontend link bushings: POLY153
Rear KYB Gas-A-Just shock absorbers: C980102
Rear 2-inch lowering springs: C990102
Rear springs insulators: PZ95875
Rear sway bar 1-inch: ADDC939

Note: some part numbers will vary depending on application. For your specific application, please contact Original Parts Group.


Top Line Performance
Huntington Beach, CA 92648




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