1970 Monte Carlo Suspension Rebuild - A-Body Foundation

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Kevin Lee Jul 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0107_19_z 1970_monte_carlo_suspension_rebuild Lube 2/32

Before the coils are reinstalled, it's a good idea to replace the clip nuts that the shocks bolt to. When we reinstalled the coils, we swapped them side-to-side to compensate for some of the Monte's body lean and made sure to place the top of the spring around the raised portion of the crossmember and the lower end of the spring into the dimpled pocket of the A-arm.

Sleeper slowly jacked the lower arm up and installed the new shocks. Then, he bolted the spindle/rotor assembly back in place.

Here's why we removed the centerlink and tie rods as an assembly. We assembled the new parts and adjusted them to approximately the same length as the original parts so the alignment process would go a little quicker. We then installed the entire unit making sure to use the felt bushings for the centerlink. If you have to drive to the alignment shop, this should allow you to do so.

Sucp_0107_21_z 1970_monte_carlo_suspension_rebuild Clip_nut 3/32

After all the nuts were torqued down and the cotter pins installed, Sleeper lubed the entire suspension. Don't forget this procedure!

With the front suspension finished we moved to the rear. We started by removing the lower trailing arms only. If you remove all the arms, the rearend will have nothing to support it from rolling forward or back and the reinstallation process will be much more difficult.

The bushings were removed using the same method of knocking around the outer edge until they popped out. The new ones were lubricated with white grease and pressed in. Notice the spacer to prevent the arm from collapsing while in the press. The same silicone lube was applied to the outside of the bushings, and then the arms were reinstalled using a punch to help align the bolt holes.




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