1970 Monte Carlo Suspension Rebuild - A-Body Foundation

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Kevin Lee Jul 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0107_39_z 1970_monte_carlo_suspension_rebuild Shot_bushing 2/32

The upper arms were removed next and the new bushings installed. Here you can see the cause of our rearend troubles. The rearend housing bushing was completely shot, allowing one side of the housing to move back and forth.

After the old bushings were knocked out of the housing with an air chisel, the housing bushing ear was heated with a propane torch to expand it slightly. This made it easier to install the new bushings that had been stored in the freezer so they would be a tad bit smaller. They were then knocked in with a hammer and bushing punch.

Sucp_0107_40_z 1970_monte_carlo_suspension_rebuild Torched 3/32

We had to modify the rearend housing's driver's side thrust washer a little to get it to fit. This must be done when using a 12-bolt rearend. All that was needed was to remove approximately 3/16-inch from one side to allow it to clear the rearend's center section. With that done the upper arms were installed.

The coils were next. We replaced the worn out rubber isolators on the top of the springs with new polyurethane ones and installed the coils, swapping them side for side, making sure they were set correctly around the raised portion of the crossmember and housing pad. The new shocks finished the job. The Monte is now much more enjoyable to drive, doesn't have any suspension squeaks, and is ready to go to the next step when the time comes.


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