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1967 Chevy Nova Window Frames - The Perfect Frame

An Easy Fix For Rusted Out Nova Window Frames

Terry Cole May 1, 2001
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No more rusted lower window frames for early Nova lovers. With this set of high-quality reproduction channels from Chevy 2 Only, every two-door owner will be able to improve the way the car's side glass fits and seals out the elements.

As long as the glass is clean and crack free, most Bow-Tie enthusiasts take this part of their machine for granted. And when it comes to the side windows, if they go up and down relatively easy, they too are deemed okay. But what about that constant rattle at freeway speeds or the rushing sound air makes when it sneaks by the rubber weatherstripping at 70 miles per hour?

If you're an early Nova fan, and you've experienced these symptoms, the problem is severe. Chances are that the lower window frame channel is rusted through and just waiting to drop that piece of glass into the inner door well.

It's an inherent problem with '62-67 Novas that the frame channels rust from the inside out. Just because they're chrome doesn't mean they're impervious to the dreaded metal cancer. The fact is that the majority of Super Sports and two-door Sport Coupes we've seen over the years have been plagued by this situation.

Sucp_0105_02_z 1967_chevy_nova Rusted_channel 3/15

Here's a graphic example of how rusted out the factory channels can become after 39 years of abuse by the elements. The problem stems from the fact that the material used to seal the glass in the channel is absorbent and doesn't fully dry before allowing the rust to take hold. The rest, as they say, is history.

There is, however, a way to repair the frame so that it's as good as new. Chevy 2 Only has reproduction lower window channels for both left and right doors of a two-door coupe. These are quality replacements that are a snap to install and will provide accurate alignment and fit.

Installation is simple and can be done with a Phillips-head screwdriver, a can of WD-40, a rubber mallet, and a sharp cutting knife. Two people will make the job easier, and the whole swap can be accomplished in a couple of hours.

We recently undertook the task and were quite impressed with the quality of the parts and the ease of installation. Follow along with this Quick Tech piece and see how simple it will be to give your little Deuce a new set of window frames.

The new channels are nicely chromed and are a virtual duplicate of the original. You may have to gently squeeze the sides of the opening together to get a more positive fit, but that should be only as a last resort. The sealing material that was included, which was made up of a mix of vinyl and rubber, came in a roll and had to be cut to length.

We opted to put the vinyl surface facing the inside of the channel and the rubber side to the glass. Chevy 2 Only's Joe Grom said he didn't think it mattered, though.

With a firm push, a gentle tap of the rubber hammer, and a constant eye on keeping the seal from gathering to one side or the other, we got the channel to fit over the edge of the glass. We did have to slightly squeeze together the frame to give it more of a solid fit.

With the edge of the window firmly sealed in the channel (it's not designed to rest all the way in) it was time to put the screws back in place to align it with the rest of the window frame. A little thread locker should help keep them from working loose.

With the frame screwed together, we used a razor blade and cut the seal flush with the top of the channel. This gave a clean and professional look to our installation.

Even the corners, where there's a small gap, was trimmed.

You can see clearly that this piece of side glass is in perfect shape. The only thing left to do is reinstall it in the door. We'll save that for another installment of Quick Tech.


Chevy 2 Only
Mt. Washington, KY 40071



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